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There are lots of different types of monsters to fight in Elyssia. The ones which are currently available are listed below.

Monster NameTypeCombat LevelLocationsDropsExp
Giant BugNORMAL1Olias, 4
Cave DwellerNORMAL1Invasion8
TimeNORMAL1InvasionTime Stone, 4
Reruns Coffee MugNORMAL1InvasionReruns Coffee, 5
NightmareDARK1InvasionPlain Torch, Black Herring, Blackberry, Silent Dream, Black Horse, 5
Water WraithNORMAL1Guy FawkesPlain Arrow, Seal Tooth, Small Citrine, 5
White HareNORMAL1ChristmasCotton, Fluffy Fur, Carrot, 5
Baby BunniesNORMAL1EasterGreengage, Cotton, Small Citrine, 5
LeprechaunNORMAL1InvasionSol, Gold Ore, Pot of Gold, Rainbow Stone, 5
Red Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL1Chocolate Stream, Cooked Green Minnow, Plain Wood, Renite Ore, Myztrium Ore, Red Easter Egg, 5
Dark DevourerDARK1The Nexus, Green Banana, Mallows, Roasted Banana, Roasted Mallows, 4
Reborn ImpMagical1InvasionSol, Yellow Animal Pelt, Purple Imp Hide, 4
UnicornNORMAL1Dunes of Sugar, Cooked Featherback, Orange Bud, Treat, Small Citrine, 5
Cute BunnyNORMAL2EasterCarrot, Yellow Animal Pelt, Red Easter Egg, 5
Red Fire SpriteMAGICAL2Independence DaySparkler, Red Firework, 8
Rabid ReindeerMAGICAL2ChristmasCarrot, 6
DeerNORMAL3Olias, Deep Twilight Forest, Animal Skin, Raw Meat, 7
Rabid WolfNORMAL3Invasion14
Durby BitchNORMAL3Olias, Deep Twilight Forest, Cooked Trapse, Sol, 25
SmugglerNORMAL4Port Solera, Sol, Old Box, Small Locked Box, Base Necklace, Base Ring, 9
Giant RatNORMAL4Quest15
Green Fire SpriteMAGICAL4Independence DaySparkler, Green Firework, 12
Overworked ElfMAGICAL4ChristmasPlain Wood, Maple Wood, Small Present, Wooden Train, Red Santa Hat, Wooden Dragon, 10
Treacherous DruidDARK4Summer 2016Small Glass Vial, Small Potion of Rousir, Tusslewort, Tulders Root, 9
JodoNORMAL5Deep Twilight Forest, Raw Meat, Yellow Animal Pelt, 10
Black BearNORMAL5Invasion20
MummyUNDEAD5InvasionSol, Kalenite Lockpick, Mushroom, Plain Wood, Silent Dream, 10
Mud CreatureEARTH6Port Solera, 12
Blue Fire SpriteMAGICAL6Independence DaySparkler, Blue Firework, 16
Swamp SerpentWATER6InvasionSnake Fang, Snake Skin, 12
Lion ManNORMAL7Invasion28
Birthday GoblinNORMAL7BirthdaySol, Blue Balloon, Red Balloon, Green Balloon, 14
Boney HawksUNDEAD7HalloweenBones, Spirit Stone, 15
Animated WickermanNORMAL7Guy FawkesRosewood Torch, Timbers, Earth Tear, 15
ColdFire SpriteNORMAL7ChristmasKam Ore, Small Citrine, Scarf, 15
Chocolate KnightNORMAL7EasterChocolate Chunks, White Chocolate Chunks, Spirit Stone, 15
Yellow Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL7Chocolate Stream, Cooked Smallfin, Rosewood, Kam Ore, Yellow Easter Egg, 15
MercenaryNORMAL8Olias, Kalenite Axe, Kalenite Haubergeon, Kam Short Sword, Kam Breastplate, Base Necklace, 15
Drunk SantaMAGICAL8ChristmasSol, Bottle of Brandy, Small Snowball, Christmas Present, Red Santa Hat, Santa Mask, Green Santa Hat, Yellow Santa Hat, 25
SoldierNORMAL10Mercia, Kam Gauntlets, Kam Haubergeon, Kam Legs, Kam Xroro, Base Ring, 20
Bat-KinUNDEAD10InvasionSol, Grapes, Kam Ore, Maple Tinderbox, Twilight Bliss, 20
TribesmanNORMAL10Nauren, Green Animal Pelt, Birds Egg, 21
Big BunnyNORMAL10EasterCarrot, Lettuce, Brown Animal Pelt, Red Easter Egg, Blue Easter Egg, 20
Angry VillagerNORMAL10Guy FawkesBonfire Toffee, Sparkler, Sol, Guy Fawkes Mask, 25
GhostUNDEAD11Marden Chapel, 22
Dark Sky DruidDARK11Summer 2016Medium Glass Vial, Medium Potion of Rousir, Etyin Berries, Mulso Leaves, 22
Fog DemonDARK12Invasion45
Giant SpiderDARK12Deep Twilight Forest, Spider Legs, 23
KidnapperNORMAL12QuestSol, 50
Reborn SummonerMagical12InvasionGreens Mote Orb, Cinnabar Ruby, Bamboo Aestus Staff, 28
Giant Gummy BearNORMAL13InvasionGreen Gummy Bear, Flame Gummy Bear, Frost Gummy Bear, Shadow Gummy Bear, Light Gummy Bear, Rerun Gummy Bear, Myz Gummy Bear, Gold Gummy Bear, 69
Specimen 13UNDEAD13HalloweenEntrium Needle, 25
DaeksmanNORMAL13ChristmasSol, Mahogany Walking Stick, Frosted Apple, 25
Blue Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL13Chocolate Stream, Cooked Black Herring, Mahogany Wood, Entrium Ore, Blue Easter Egg, 25
Animated CarrotsNORMAL13EasterSol, Carrot, Morning Sapphire, 25
Seasoned SoldierNORMAL14Mercia, Kam Breastplate, Kam Xroro, Entrium Battle Hammer, Entrium Full Shield, 25
BunyipWATER14InvasionBones, Smallfin, 25
SkeletonUNDEAD15DungeonSol, 50
Dark MageDARK15Invasion75
DryadEARTH15InvasionSol, Tomato, Plain Rod, Opalfish, Cinnabar Ruby, 50
Elder TribesmanNORMAL15Nauren, Orange Animal Pelt, Birds Egg, Spear, 29
ScroogeNORMAL15ChristmasSol, Small Locked Box, Small Present, Christmas Pudding, Red Santa Hat, 36
GoblinMAGICAL16Deep Twilight Forest, Sol, Old Box, Small Locked Box, Base Ring, Base Necklace, 30
ConspiratorNORMAL17Guy FawkesSol, Holy Warrior Sword, Bonfire Toffee, Guy Fawkes Mask, 30
Dire WolfDARK17InvasionBones, Brown Animal Pelt, 30
Thornwood Tree NymphEARTH17Summer 2016Tusslewort, Thornwood Lumber, Etyin Berries, Striped Rull Fruit, 30
Tortured GhostUNDEAD18Marden Chapel, 36
Thornguard WarriorNORMAL18Summer 2016Roasted Banana, Thornguard Kiteshield, 36
ZombieUNDEAD19DungeonTrick, Treat, Zombie Fake Axe, Zombie Brain, Zombie Mask, Zombie Torso, Zombie Hands, Zombie Feet, Zombie Legs, Sol, 50
NightstalkerDARK20Deep Twilight Forest, 40
TentacleWATER20Seagate, Sol, Seaweed, Animal Skin Boots, 45
Dark One SebastianMAGICAL20Quest250
Snow ImpMAGICAL20ChristmasSmall Snowball, Tinsel, Mistletoe, 50
Thornguard KnightNORMAL20Summer 2016Roasted Mallows, Thornguard Kiteshield, Thornguard Legs, 45
ZombicornNORMAL20Dunes of Sugar, Cooked Trapse, Greens Mote, Trick, Silent Dream, 45
Smuggler GhostUNDEAD22Marden Chapel, Sol, Small Citrine, Silent Dream, Twilight Bliss, Divine Light, 48
Red Fire BeastMAGICAL22Independence DayRed Firework, Cinnabar Ruby, Essence of Dark Fire, 55
Thornguard ChampionNORMAL22Summer 2016Roasted Banana, Roasted Mallows, Thornguard Stave, Thornguard Breastplate, 48
Evil ClownDARK23BirthdaySmall Present, Blue Balloon, Red Balloon, Green Balloon, Large Present, Birthday Cake, 70
ArchdruidDARK23Summer 2016Large Glass Vial, Large Potion of Rousir, Striped Rull Fruit, Prickly Peach, 70
Aea ImpMAGICAL24Auto AttackSol, Purple Imp Hide, 50
SkinwalkerDARK24HalloweenGreen Leather Square, Brown Leather Square, Red Leather Square, 50
Holgredd WyvernNORMAL24ChristmasFeatherback, Orange Leather Square, Snow Gem, 50
Strange Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL24Chocolate Stream, Cooked Featherback, Bamboo Wood, Coridium Ore, Strange Egg, 50
Egg SwarmNORMAL24EasterKam Axe, Silent Dream, Infused Egg, 50
Shadow CreatureDARK25Marden Chapel, Small Citrine, Morning Sapphire, 54
CyclopsMAGICAL25DungeonSilent Dream, 100
Evil SnowmanMAGICAL25ChristmasCarrot, Small Present, Large Present, Small Snowball, Large Snowball, Santa Mask, 80
Dark One TobiasMAGICAL25Quest300
Reborn WarriorNORMAL26InvasionSol, Coridium Xroro, Locked Chest, 80
Frost SpiderNORMAL27Ruins of Aaranbad, Spider Legs, 60
Giant BunnyNORMAL28EasterCarrot, Blue Easter Egg, Yellow Easter Egg, 65
Green Fire BeastMAGICAL28Independence DayGreen Firework, Earth Tear, Essence of Earth, 65
Raahn WorkerNORMAL30Kendro, Raahn Pickaxe, 70
Blood WolfDARK30InvasionRed Animal Pelt, 113
Strangling VinesEARTH30Invasion139
Baby KrakenWATER32Seagate, Kraken Scale, 80
Blue Fire BeastMAGICAL34Independence DayBlue Firework, Time Stone, Essence of Frozen Life, 75
WraithUNDEAD35Ruins of Aaranbad, Sol, Erthhart Large Helm, Erthhart Battle Hammer, Erthhart Breastplate, Lightshard Knife, Lightshard Small Shield, Lightshard Long Sword, 82
DarknessDARK35HalloweenExcellent Lantern, Twilight Bliss, 80
Snow GolemNORMAL35ChristmasErthhart Ore, Small Snowball, Large Snowball, 80
Gold Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL35Chocolate Stream, Cooked Bluefish, Maple Wood, Erthhart Ore, Gold Easter Egg, 80
Angry ChicksNORMAL35EasterYellow Feather, Grain, Chick Beak, Decorated Egg, 80
CupidNORMAL35InvasionSol, Candy Hearts, Toy Cupid, 90
Crystal WarriorEARTH36Invasion169
TarvosNORMAL36Auto AttackSol, Cooked Dwarf Snakehead, Cooked Midnight Perch, Cooked Angelfish, Small Locked Box, 74
Enraged Thornwood EntEARTH36Summer 2016Tulders Root, Thornwood, Mulso Leaves, Prickly Peach, 74
Angry AdminMAGICAL38BirthdayBlue Balloon, Red Balloon, Green Balloon, Birthday Cake, Essence of Earth, Essence of Day, 90
Corrupt Thornguard WarriorNORMAL38Summer 2016Small Potion of Al-Rousir-Turakh, Dark Thornguard Kiteshield, 78
Fire SpryteMAGICAL39Invasion200
Earth ImpEARTH39InvasionSol, Leek, Earth Tear, Earth Imp Hide, Essence of Earth, 90
Horned Rock BeastEARTH40Rainbow Forest, Rocks, 80
Corrupt Thornguard KnightNORMAL40Summer 2016Medium Potion of Al-Rousir-Turakh, Dark Thornguard Kiteshield, Dark Thornguard Legs, 80
AlicornNORMAL40Dunes of Sugar, Cooked Opalfish, Purple Prickle, Trick or treat bag, Morning Sapphire, 80
Raahn GuardNORMAL42Kendro, Raahn Helmet, Raahn Club, 85
Corrupt Thornguard ChampionNORMAL42Summer 2016Large Potion of Al-Rousir-Turakh, Dark Thornguard Stave, Dark Thornguard Breastplate, 85
Apprentice MageMAGICAL43Invasion220
WerewolfDARK45Rainbow Forest, White Animal Pelt, Claw, 90
ShojoUNDEAD48HalloweenMug of Ale, Inochi Dagger, 100
Frozen WhispersNORMAL48ChristmasLettuce, Lightshard Knife, Candy Cane, 100
Dragon Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL48Chocolate Stream, Cooked Trapse, Witch Willow Wood, Lightshard Ore, Dragon Easter Egg, 100
Giant Blue BasketNORMAL48Chocolate Stream, Chocolate Chunks, Blue Easter Egg, Decorated Egg, Time Stone, 100
Earth ColossusEARTH50DungeonEssence of Earth, 1000
BasiliskMAGICAL50Rainbow Forest, Basilisk Scale, 100
Giant SantaMAGICAL50ChristmasChristmas Present, Black Santa Hat, Sack of Presents, 250
Wandering MageMAGICAL51Invasion275
Mist-MakerMAGICAL55Ruins of Aaranbad, Sol, Spirit Stone, Amethyst Necklace, Scythe, 110
Raahn WarriorNORMAL60Kendro, Raahn Helmet, Raahn Chest Plate, Raahn Sword, 120
Frosted Scout AutomatonNORMAL61ChristmasMaelniir Breastplate, Maelniir Bar, Winters Light Map, 120
Rainbow Gigantus Easterus EggNORMAL61Chocolate Stream, Cooked Opalfish, Enchanted Wood, Maelniir Ore, Rainbow Easter Egg, 120
Grand WizardMAGICAL69Invasion469
Green Ooze MonsterNORMAL75HalloweenGreen Ooze, 140
Mountain OgreNORMAL75ChristmasSol, Cooked Pike, Frozen Club, 140
KrakenWATER80Seagate, Seaweed, Kraken Scale, Rusted Anchor, 250
Red Ooze MonsterNORMAL89HalloweenRed Ooze, 160
Pine Clan EntesNORMAL89ChristmasWitch Willow Wood, Frosted Apple, Cinnamon, 160
Yellow Ooze MonsterNORMAL104HalloweenYellow Ooze, 180
Ice PhoenixNORMAL104ChristmasRocks, Sol, Ice Phoenix Egg, Cooked Dreami, 180
AsraiMAGICAL120HalloweenBottle of Water, Seaweed, 190
Dream EaterNORMAL137HalloweenDreami, Divine Light, 210
DullahanNORMAL155HalloweenLightshard Ore, Sun Wood, Zombie Brain, Reaper, 455
Gloom WeaverDARK175InvasionTrick or treat bag, Scroll of Dark, Essence of Dark Fire, Reaper, 875