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Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Elyssia. You're probably wondering: "What is all this?" "How do I play?" "Who am I?". Well look no further, for I am here to help you get started on the road to mastering Elyssia.


When you first start you will find yourself in a town called Juna. Juna is one of two ports on Ralnera Island and it's where everybody starts. In every town/location you visit, the town screen will consist of 3 key areas: Mini-Map, Town Description and Town Menu. Let me explain what each of these are for...

Mini-Map - This is a small area of the full map, showing the location you are currently in. You can click roads on the Mini-Map to travel to new locations. If you hover over roads, they will tell you what location they lead to.

Town Description - This is a description of the town/location you are currently in. Sometimes this will contain quest information, event information, etc...

Town Menu - This is where you will find links to start training skills, as well as links to any sub-locations available. For example, in Juna there is a link called "Clean Streets", which - when clicked - will start you cleaning the streets of Juna, for which you will get paid a small amount of money (Sol). Any location you visit will have its links to skill training in this section, so there may be links for Woodcutting, Mining, Combat, etc...
Additionally, most locations will have the "Trade Point", "Player House", "Player Shops" links, which is where you can trade with other players, build/access your house, buy things from player shops.

As well as those 3 key sections, underneath the Town Menu you will find a list of all the players currently at the same location as you, as well as any items that have been dropped on the floor which you can pick up (by typing in an amount to pick up, and then clicking them).

How to train skills

Training skills is very simple. Decide which skill you want to train, so for example you might want to do a bit of Mining, and then make sure you have any tools you may need (so in this case a Kalenite Pickaxe). Travel to Wrentan Mines, as that is where the mining can be done on Ralnera Island, and then simply click on either "Mine Myztrium" or "Mine Renite" and you will start collecting ore.

Skill training in Elyssia uses a timer system, which means that for each countdown of a timer, you will gain 1 resource. So for example when I start mining a timer starts counting down from 60 seconds, once it reaches 0 I will have collected 1 ore and then the timer will start again.

The game page

On the right hand side of the page you will find a section called "User Info" and a section called "Skills". The skills section just simply shows you what level you are in each of your skills, so at the moment it probably has everything listed as level 1.

The user info section shows you your:

Character Score - This is an overall score of your entire character
Total Level - This is the sum of all of your skill levels
Combat Level - This is a calculated level based on your three combat skills "Attack", "Defence" and "Stamina". See the combat section for more info.
Sol - This is the monetary currency of Elyssia
Hit Points - This is how many hit points you have and therefore how much damage you can take in combat.
Aestus - This is how much of the ancient energy force known as "Aestus" you have. This is used to cast spells. See the aestium section for more info.

Over on the left hand side at the top you will find your inventory, this is where all your items are stored (unless you have put them in a house or other safe place). If you wish to use an item from your inventory, you need only click it.

Below the inventory is your character, showing you what items you currently have equipped and what the combat stats of those items are. If you want to un-equip an item, simply click it on your character.

What to start with

How you play the game is really totally up to you, you can do pretty much whatever you want and choose your own path, however some advice you may find helpful when starting:

Get a house - Either buy a house (if you can afford it) or gather some lumber and build yourself one. Houses are very important as you can store your Sol and your items in them.

Gather some resources - Whether it's wood, fish, ore, fruit, or whatever you like, people are always in need of resources so gather up a few hundred of something and head into trade chat or the market forum and see if you can sell them to someone, as it's a good way to earn yourself a bit of Sol. Or if no-one wants to buy it, you can always sell it to the NPC market at Juna.

Read the guides - There will be plenty of guides in this manual, plus more helpful information in the game's forum, so have a look through them if you are struggling, or you can always ask for help in the chat or forum.

Have fun! - Just try and enjoy yourself, don't take the game too seriously as it is only that - a game. Have a look at joining a clan to meet more players and basically just explore the game and see what you can do.