Part One

Many millenia ago there stood the world of Nyxre. But the Creator was not happy with his world and he sought to destroy it and start once again, so the world of Nyxre was plunged into the never-ending depths of the pale, gleaming sea and all was lost.

Then, like the sun rising to greet the birth of a new day, the world was Reborn. But this world was different; the terrain was vastly altered, the creatures that roamed the plains and forests were different...everything was a little...darker.

In the first days of the new world the humans struggled for power and influence over their fellow man. Wars raged, blood was spilled, the world was slowly being ripped apart from within. Then, as the world looked at its most bleak, three powerful mages came together and seized power. They restored peace and order to the world. Towns and cities were built, generations passed by unmolested, but as the slow tick-tock of time's eternal hand passed, so did there grow unrest between the mages.

Eventually they turned on one-another and wars again ravaged the land. Each mage adopted an army of men and monsters, waging war on all sides. For generations it raged on, tearing their once brilliant creations apart.

Finally, staring oblivion in the face, the peoples of the world came together with all their might and killed the mages. However, each mage had taken precautions against such an outcome and their magic had grown too strong to be defeated even by all the remaining mages in the lands, so whilst their bodies were dead, their magic and their spirits could not be killed. Working together, using every last drop of energy and power left to them, the remaining mages of the new world banished the mages' spirits to three crystal Orbs and sent them away to distant corners of the world, so that they never may be found and their power unleashed upon the world.

Many centuries later, much of the history of the war is forgotten, though a few do remember. A society of dark mages are plotting to release the Trident and bring the mages' spirits back into the world.

Do these Dark Ones wish death and destruction upon the world? Perhaps they mean to harness the power for themselves and rule all? Or is there a deeper reason behind their plans?

It is up to you to find out and choose your own destiny as this ancient power threatens your world.