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The Woodworking skill allows you to make a variety of different wooden items, from walking sticks to mallets, from rods to torches.
To start Woodworking, you will need to get ahold of a Saw, then head on over to Oldview and use the Woodworking Hut.

While woodworking you may find Woodchips which can be used in alchemy.


Below you will find a summary of all the tools currently available to use in Woodworking.

NameLvl Req
toolKalenite Saw 1
toolKam Saw 7
toolEntrium Saw 13
toolCoridium Saw 24
toolErthhart Saw 35
toolLightshard Saw 48
toolMaelniir Saw 61
toolBludore Saw 75
toolRelmymik Saw 89
toolTrillid Saw 104
toolSharite Saw 120
toolOspulsior Saw 137
toolElyssiard Saw 155

Progressive Gains

As you gain experience and levels in construction, you start being able to have a chance of receiving multiple pieces of lumber from one wood type. The chart below shows what levels are required to get multiple lumber drops.

Sawing Locations

Below you can see a list of all the different sawmills that can be used to saw your wood into lumber.

IslandLocationMax Lvl
Ralnera IslandOldview20
Veresa IslandAnyn40
Lensya IslandVon60
Stroceta IslandAtena100
Sodonia IslandKinde120


Below you can see a list of all the different types of wood that can be sawed into lumber along with the experience received and level requirement of each.

WoodLvl reqExpTimer
lumberPlain Lumber11436
lumberRosewood Lumber71739
lumberMahogany Lumber131942
lumberBamboo Lumber242649
lumberMaple Lumber353456
lumberWitch Willow Lumber484766
lumberEnchanted Lumber616678
lumberAsh Lumber759494
lumberWillow Lumber89134111
lumberShadow Lumber104196134
lumberSun Lumber120294165
lumberMoon Lumber137453204
lumberStar Lumber155716256


Below is a list of the locations where you can currently craft.

IslandLocationMax Lvl
Ralnera IslandOldview13
Veresa IslandAmshet31
Lensya IslandWestport55
Stroceta IslandYellow Bear Canyon120
Sodonia IslandPort Scheria255

Craftable Items

Below you will find a summary of all the items you can currently craft.

ItemLvl ReqIngredientsExpTimerAmount Produced
itemPlain Handle11 Plain Lumber, 14371
itemFirework Base13 Plain Lumber, 45301
itemPlain Stave23 Plain Lumber, 42371
itemPlain Mallet32 Plain Lumber, 28371
itemPlain Tinderbox42 Plain Lumber, 28371
itemPlain Ring Mould42 Plain Lumber, 15381
itemPlain Necklace Mould52 Plain Lumber, 16391
itemPlain Walking Stick73 Plain Lumber, 42371
itemRosewood Handle71 Rosewood Lumber, 17401
itemRosewood Stave83 Rosewood Lumber, 51401
itemRosewood Mallet92 Rosewood Lumber, 34401
itemRosewood Tinderbox102 Rosewood Lumber, 34401
itemRosewood Ring Mould102 Rosewood Lumber, 18411
itemRosewood Necklace Mould112 Rosewood Lumber, 18421
itemRosewood Walking Stick133 Rosewood Lumber, 51401
itemMahogany Handle131 Mahogany Lumber, 20421
itemMahogany Stave143 Mahogany Lumber, 60421
itemMahogany Mallet152 Mahogany Lumber, 40421
itemMahogany Tinderbox162 Mahogany Lumber, 40421
itemMahogany Ring Mould172 Mahogany Lumber, 21451
itemMahogany Necklace Mould182 Mahogany Lumber, 22461
itemMahogany Walking Stick223 Mahogany Lumber, 60421
itemBamboo Handle221 Bamboo Lumber, 26491
itemBamboo Stave233 Bamboo Lumber, 78491
itemBamboo Mallet242 Bamboo Lumber, 52491
itemBamboo Tinderbox252 Bamboo Lumber, 52491
itemBamboo Ring Mould262 Bamboo Lumber, 27501
itemBamboo Necklace Mould272 Bamboo Lumber, 28511
itemBamboo Walking Stick313 Bamboo Lumber, 78491
itemMaple Handle311 Maple Lumber, 34561
itemMaple Stave333 Maple Lumber, 102561
itemMaple Mallet352 Maple Lumber, 68561
itemMaple Tinderbox372 Maple Lumber, 68561
itemMaple Ring Mould382 Maple Lumber, 37591
itemMaple Necklace Mould392 Maple Lumber, 38591
itemMaple Walking Stick433 Maple Lumber, 102561
itemWitch Willow Handle431 Witch Willow Lumber, 47661
itemWitch Willow Stave453 Witch Willow Lumber, 141661
itemWitch Willow Mallet472 Witch Willow Lumber, 94661
itemWitch Willow Tinderbox492 Witch Willow Lumber, 94661
itemWitch Willow Ring Mould502 Witch Willow Lumber, 50681
itemWitch Willow Necklace Mould512 Witch Willow Lumber, 51691
itemWitch Willow Walking Stick553 Witch Willow Lumber, 141661
itemEnchanted Handle551 Enchanted Lumber, 66781
itemEnchanted Stave573 Enchanted Lumber, 198781
itemEnchanted Mallet592 Enchanted Lumber, 132781
itemEnchanted Tinderbox612 Enchanted Lumber, 132781
itemEnchanted Ring Mould632 Enchanted Lumber, 69801
itemEnchanted Necklace Mould642 Enchanted Lumber, 71811
itemEnchanted Walking Stick703 Enchanted Lumber, 198781
itemAsh Handle701 Ash Lumber, 94961
itemAsh Stave723 Ash Lumber, 282961
itemAsh Mallet742 Ash Lumber, 188961
itemAsh Tinderbox762 Ash Lumber, 188961
itemAsh Ring Mould772 Ash Lumber, 99961
itemAsh Necklace Mould792 Ash Lumber, 104981
itemAsh Walking Stick853 Ash Lumber, 282961
itemWillow Handle851 Willow Lumber, 1341111
itemWillow Stave883 Willow Lumber, 4021111
itemWillow Mallet912 Willow Lumber, 2681111
itemWillow Tinderbox942 Willow Lumber, 2681111
itemWillow Ring Mould952 Willow Lumber, 1561201
itemWillow Necklace Mould972 Willow Lumber, 1641231
itemWillow Walking Stick1033 Willow Lumber, 4021111
itemShadow Handle1031 Shadow Lumber, 1961341
itemShadow Stave1063 Shadow Lumber, 5881341
itemShadow Mallet1092 Shadow Lumber, 3921341
itemShadow Tinderbox1122 Shadow Lumber, 3921341
itemShadow Ring Mould1132 Shadow Lumber, 2461511
itemShadow Necklace Mould1152 Shadow Lumber, 2591551
itemShadow Walking Stick1213 Shadow Lumber, 5881341
itemSun Handle1211 Sun Lumber, 2941651
itemSun Stave1243 Sun Lumber, 8821651
itemSun Mallet1272 Sun Lumber, 5881651
itemSun Tinderbox1302 Sun Lumber, 5881651
itemSun Ring Mould1322 Sun Lumber, 3991921
itemSun Necklace Mould1342 Sun Lumber, 4201971
itemSun Walking Stick1423 Sun Lumber, 8821651
itemMoon Handle1421 Moon Lumber, 4532041
itemMoon Stave1453 Moon Lumber, 13592041
itemMoon Mallet1482 Moon Lumber, 9062041
itemMoon Tinderbox1512 Moon Lumber, 9062041
itemMoon Ring Mould1532 Moon Lumber, 6812501
itemMoon Necklace Mould1552 Moon Lumber, 7162561
itemMoon Walking Stick1633 Moon Lumber, 13592041
itemStar Handle1631 Star Lumber, 7162561
itemStar Stave1673 Star Lumber, 21482561
itemStar Mallet1712 Star Lumber, 14322561
itemStar Tinderbox1752 Star Lumber, 14322561
itemStar Ring Mould1772 Star Lumber, 12533381
itemStar Necklace Mould1792 Star Lumber, 13183471
itemStar Walking Stick1873 Star Lumber, 21482561