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What is Hunting?

Hunting is the process of tracking and defeating animals with the goal of looting the animals for resources. Hunting in Elyssia is split into 2 areas, land and sea hunting.

How do I start Hunting?

Until you reach level 27 only land hunting can be done. To start hunting on land you need to equip a bow and arrow and head to Olias. Once at Olias you can start hunting chickens to gain some hunting experience.

Once you reach level 27 hunting you will need to find a harpoon and head towards Wetlock Port. Harpooning sea animals works in the same way as land hunting.

Permit hunting can be performed using land hunting tools at various locations listed below to gain pelts. Before you hunt, make sure to visit a permit shop to buy your permit!

Land Hunting

The following animals can be hunted on land.

Hunt NameLvl ReqExpDrops


Chicken114Yellow Feather, Chicken Egg, Bones,
Rapid Rabbit114Yellow Animal Pelt, Bones,


Mossy Pig717Green Animal Pelt, Bones,
Duck717Green Feather, Bones,

~Twilight Forest~

Burly Boar1319Brown Animal Pelt, Bones, Boar Tusk,
Goose1319Brown Feather, Bones,

~Great Downs~

Quail2426Orange Feather, Bones,
Bobcat2426Orange Animal Pelt, Bones,


Hawk3534Red Feather, Bones,
Red Fox3534Red Animal Pelt, Bones,


Animated Cacti4342Cactus Milk, Cacti Needle, Desert Cactus Flower,
Sand Worm5861Worm Skin, Worm Egg,

~Rainbow Forest~

Dove4847White Feather, Bones,
Sheep4847White Animal Pelt, Bones,

~Jasper Forest~

Merganser6166Blue Feather, Bones,
Sapphire Mink6166Blue Animal Pelt, Bones,


Desert Eagle7594Sky Feather, Bones,
Cobalt Bison7594Sky Animal Pelt, Bones,


Midnight Condor89134Purple Feather, Bones,
Magenta Moose89134Purple Animal Pelt, Bones,


Emerald Emu104196Lime Feather, Bones,
Leafy Elk104196Lime Animal Pelt, Bones,


Vulture120294Blood Feather, Bones,
Bear120294Blood Animal Pelt, Bones,


Swan137453Black Feather, Bones,
Panther137453Black Animal Pelt, Bones,

Land Hunting Tools

The following tools can be used to hunt creatures on land.

NameLvl Req
toolPlain Arrow 1
toolPlain Bow 1
toolRosewood Arrow 7
toolRosewood Bow 7
toolMahogany Arrow 13
toolMahogany Bow 13
toolBamboo Arrow 24
toolBamboo Bow 24
toolMaple Arrow 35
toolMaple Bow 35
toolWitch Willow Arrow 48
toolWitch Willow Bow 48
toolEnchanted Arrow 61
toolEnchanted Bow 61
toolAsh Arrow 75
toolAsh Bow 75
toolWillow Arrow 89
toolWillow Bow 89
toolShadow Arrow 104
toolShadow Bow 104
toolSun Arrow 120
toolSun Bow 120
toolMoon Arrow 137
toolMoon Bow 137
toolStar Arrow 155
toolStar Bow 155

Sea Hunting

The following animals can be hunted at sea.

Hunt NameLvl ReqExpDrops

~Wetlock Port~

Seal2728Seal Tooth, Seal Fur,
Turtle3231Turtle Shell, Turtle Egg, Turtle Claw,
Water Snake3736Snake Fang, Snake Skin,

Sea Hunting Tools

The following tools can be used to hunt creatures at sea.

NameLvl Req
toolKalenite Harpoon 1
toolKam Harpoon 7
toolEntrium Harpoon 13
toolCoridium Harpoon 24
toolErthhart Harpoon 35
toolLightshard Harpoon 48
toolMaelniir Harpoon 61
toolBludore Harpoon 75
toolRelmymik Harpoon 89
toolTrillid Harpoon 104
toolSharite Harpoon 120
toolOspulsior Harpoon 137
toolElyssiard Harpoon 158

Permit Hunting

Short permits last for 50 attempts, medium permits 500 attempts with a 10% purchase discount and long permits,1000 attempts with a 20% discount. You can see how many attempts you have left under the donation extras page.

The following table shows what shops are available and what locatons the permit is used at.

NameLevelPeltShop LocationCostHunt LocationExpTimer
T1 Short Hunting Permit1Yellow Animal PeltPort Solera600Olias1437
T1 Medium Hunting Permit1Yellow Animal PeltPort Solera4800Olias1437
T1 Long Hunting Permit1Yellow Animal PeltPort Solera8400Olias1437
T2 Short Hunting Permit7Green Animal PeltPort Solera650Olias1740
T2 Medium Hunting Permit7Green Animal PeltPort Solera5200Olias1740
T2 Long Hunting Permit7Green Animal PeltPort Solera9100Olias1740
T3 Short Hunting Permit13Brown Animal PeltPort Sharalyn750Bereth1943
T3 Medium Hunting Permit13Brown Animal PeltPort Sharalyn6000Bereth1943
T3 Long Hunting Permit13Brown Animal PeltPort Sharalyn10500Bereth1943
T4 Short Hunting Permit24Orange Animal PeltPort Sharalyn1000Bereth2649
T4 Medium Hunting Permit24Orange Animal PeltPort Sharalyn8000Bereth2649
T4 Long Hunting Permit24Orange Animal PeltPort Sharalyn14000Bereth2649
T5 Short Hunting Permit35Red Animal PeltPort Sharalyn1250Bereth3456
T5 Medium Hunting Permit35Red Animal PeltPort Sharalyn10000Bereth3456
T5 Long Hunting Permit35Red Animal PeltPort Sharalyn17500Bereth3456
T6 Short Hunting Permit48White Animal PeltSuresa Port1650Wetlock Port4766
T6 Medium Hunting Permit48White Animal PeltSuresa Port13200Wetlock Port4766
T6 Long Hunting Permit48White Animal PeltSuresa Port23100Wetlock Port4766
T7 Short Hunting Permit61Blue Animal PeltSuresa Port2250Wetlock Port6678
T7 Medium Hunting Permit61Blue Animal PeltSuresa Port18000Wetlock Port6678
T7 Long Hunting Permit61Blue Animal PeltSuresa Port31500Wetlock Port6678
T8 Short Hunting Permit75Sky Animal PeltThe Crossing3100Ninesprings9493
T8 Medium Hunting Permit75Sky Animal PeltThe Crossing24800Ninesprings9493
T8 Long Hunting Permit75Sky Animal PeltThe Crossing43400Ninesprings9493
T9 Short Hunting Permit89Purple Animal PeltThe Crossing4300Ninesprings134111
T9 Medium Hunting Permit89Purple Animal PeltThe Crossing34400Ninesprings134111
T9 Long Hunting Permit89Purple Animal PeltThe Crossing60200Ninesprings134111
T10 Short Hunting Permit104Lime Animal PeltSeagate6050Lyre196135
T10 Medium Hunting Permit104Lime Animal PeltSeagate48400Lyre196135
T10 Long Hunting Permit104Lime Animal PeltSeagate84700Lyre196135
T11 Short Hunting Permit120Blood Animal PeltSeagate8750Lyre294165
T11 Medium Hunting Permit120Blood Animal PeltSeagate70000Lyre294165
T11 Long Hunting Permit120Blood Animal PeltSeagate122500Lyre294165
T12 Short Hunting Permit137Black Animal PeltPort Scheria12950Prague453204
T12 Medium Hunting Permit137Black Animal PeltPort Scheria103600Prague453204
T12 Long Hunting Permit137Black Animal PeltPort Scheria181300Prague453204
T13 Short Hunting Permit155Pink Animal PeltPort Scheria19550Prague716256
T13 Medium Hunting Permit155Pink Animal PeltPort Scheria156400Prague716256
T13 Long Hunting Permit155Pink Animal PeltPort Scheria273700Prague716256