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Special exploration Equipment

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Below is a list of all the equipment that can be used to benefit training exploration.


HatYellow Leather Hat of Exploration1
HatGreen Leather Hat of Exploration7
HatBrown Leather Hat of Exploration13
HatOrange Leather Hat of Exploration24
HatRed Leather Hat of Exploration35
HatWhite Leather Hat of Exploration48
HatBlue Leather Hat of Exploration61
HatSky Leather Hat of Exploration75
HatPurple Leather Hat of Exploration89
HatLime Leather Hat of Exploration104
HatBlood Leather Hat of Exploration120
HatBlack Leather Hat of Exploration137
HatPink Leather Hat of Exploration155


There are no special shields for this skill.


ChestYellow Leather Vest of Exploration6
ChestGreen Leather Vest of Exploration12
ChestBrown Leather Vest of Exploration22
ChestOrange Leather Vest of Exploration33
ChestRed Leather Vest of Exploration45
ChestWhite Leather Vest of Exploration58
ChestBlue Leather Vest of Exploration72
ChestSky Leather Vest of Exploration86
ChestPurple Leather Vest of Exploration101
ChestLime Leather Vest of Exploration117
ChestBlood Leather Vest of Exploration134
ChestBlack Leather Vest of Exploration152
ChestPink Leather Vest of Exploration170


ToolQuick Plain Torch1
ToolAgile Plain Torch1
ToolLightning Plain Torch1
ToolRigid Plain Torch1
ToolInflexible Plain Torch1
ToolUnyielding Plain Torch1
ToolQuick Rosewood Torch7
ToolAgile Rosewood Torch7
ToolLightning Rosewood Torch7
ToolRigid Rosewood Torch7
ToolInflexible Rosewood Torch7
ToolUnyielding Rosewood Torch7
ToolQuick Mahogany Torch13
ToolAgile Mahogany Torch13
ToolLightning Mahogany Torch13
ToolRigid Mahogany Torch13
ToolInflexible Mahogany Torch13
ToolUnyielding Mahogany Torch13
ToolQuick Bamboo Torch22
ToolAgile Bamboo Torch22
ToolLightning Bamboo Torch22
ToolRigid Bamboo Torch22
ToolInflexible Bamboo Torch22
ToolUnyielding Bamboo Torch22
ToolQuick Maple Torch31
ToolAgile Maple Torch31
ToolLightning Maple Torch31
ToolRigid Maple Torch31
ToolInflexible Maple Torch31
ToolUnyielding Maple Torch31
ToolQuick Witch Willow Torch43
ToolAgile Witch Willow Torch43
ToolLightning Witch Willow Torch43
ToolRigid Witch Willow Torch43
ToolInflexible Witch Willow Torch43
ToolUnyielding Witch Willow Torch43
ToolQuick Enchanted Torch55
ToolAgile Enchanted Torch55
ToolLightning Enchanted Torch55
ToolRigid Enchanted Torch55
ToolInflexible Enchanted Torch55
ToolUnyielding Enchanted Torch55
ToolQuick Ash Torch70
ToolAgile Ash Torch70
ToolLightning Ash Torch70
ToolRigid Ash Torch70
ToolInflexible Ash Torch70
ToolUnyielding Ash Torch70
ToolQuick Willow Torch85
ToolAgile Willow Torch85
ToolLightning Willow Torch85
ToolRigid Willow Torch85
ToolInflexible Willow Torch85
ToolUnyielding Willow Torch85
ToolQuick Shadow Torch103
ToolAgile Shadow Torch103
ToolLightning Shadow Torch103
ToolRigid Shadow Torch103
ToolInflexible Shadow Torch103
ToolUnyielding Shadow Torch103
ToolQuick Sun Torch121
ToolAgile Sun Torch121
ToolLightning Sun Torch121
ToolRigid Sun Torch121
ToolInflexible Sun Torch121
ToolUnyielding Sun Torch121
ToolQuick Moon Torch143
ToolAgile Moon Torch143
ToolLightning Moon Torch143
ToolRigid Moon Torch143
ToolInflexible Moon Torch143
ToolUnyielding Moon Torch143
ToolQuick Star Torch163
ToolAgile Star Torch163
ToolLightning Star Torch163
ToolRigid Star Torch163
ToolInflexible Star Torch163
ToolUnyielding Star Torch163


HandsYellow Leather Gloves of Exploration2
HandsGreen Leather Gloves of Exploration8
HandsBrown Leather Gloves of Exploration14
HandsOrange Leather Gloves of Exploration25
HandsRed Leather Gloves of Exploration37
HandsWhite Leather Gloves of Exploration50
HandsBlue Leather Gloves of Exploration63
HandsSky Leather Gloves of Exploration77
HandsPurple Leather Gloves of Exploration91
HandsLime Leather Gloves of Exploration106
HandsBlood Leather Gloves of Exploration122
HandsBlack Leather Gloves of Exploration140
HandsPink Leather Gloves of Exploration158


LegsYellow Leather Pants of Exploration4
LegsGreen Leather Pants of Exploration10
LegsBrown Leather Pants of Exploration18
LegsOrange Leather Pants of Exploration29
LegsRed Leather Pants of Exploration41
LegsWhite Leather Pants of Exploration54
LegsBlue Leather Pants of Exploration67
LegsSky Leather Pants of Exploration81
LegsPurple Leather Pants of Exploration95
LegsLime Leather Pants of Exploration111
LegsBlood Leather Pants of Exploration127
LegsBlack Leather Pants of Exploration146
LegsPink Leather Pants of Exploration164


FeetYellow Leather Boots of Exploration3
FeetGreen Leather Boots of Exploration9
FeetBrown Leather Boots of Exploration16
FeetOrange Leather Boots of Exploration27
FeetRed Leather Boots of Exploration39
FeetWhite Leather Boots of Exploration52
FeetBlue Leather Boots of Exploration65
FeetSky Leather Boots of Exploration79
FeetPurple Leather Boots of Exploration93
FeetLime Leather Boots of Exploration108
FeetBlood Leather Boots of Exploration124
FeetBlack Leather Boots of Exploration143
FeetPink Leather Boots of Exploration161


NeckKalenite Necklace of Exploration7
NeckKam Necklace of Exploration13
NeckEntrium Necklace of Exploration24
NeckCoridium Necklace of Exploration35
NeckErthhart Necklace of Exploration48
NeckLightshard Necklace of Exploration61
NeckMaelniir Necklace of Exploration75
NeckBludore Necklace of Exploration89
NeckRelmymik Necklace of Exploration104
NeckTrillid Necklace of Exploration120
NeckSharite Necklace of Exploration137
NeckOspulsior Necklace of Exploration155
NeckElyssiard Necklace of Exploration173


RingKalenite Ring of Exploration5
RingKam Ring of Exploration11
RingEntrium Ring of Exploration20
RingCoridium Ring of Exploration31
RingErthhart Ring of Exploration43
RingLightshard Ring of Exploration56
RingMaelniir Ring of Exploration69
RingBludore Ring of Exploration83
RingRelmymik Ring of Exploration98
RingTrillid Ring of Exploration114
RingSharite Ring of Exploration131
RingOspulsior Ring of Exploration149
RingElyssiard Ring of Exploration167


MountMyztRe Party Ball0
MountRainbow Party Horse0
MountRainbow Party Wolf0
MountSnowman Sled1