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1KombatThe Goddess Reborn
2MjollnirThe Goddess Reborn
3adikThe Goddess Reborn
4V01DThe One
5fujimoThe One
6SpidyThe One
7RaigarThe One
8HigrosThe One
9nightpawsThe symbol this town needs
10namelessThe symbol this town needs
11BreezyblueThe symbol this town needs
12BonesThe symbol this town needs
13maarcThe symbol this town needs
14SalvationThe symbol this town needs
15longshotThe symbol this town needs
16LokiThe light amongst the shadows
17XavierThe light amongst the shadows
18SisterofAgielThe light amongst the shadows
19SoykesThe light amongst the shadows
20AbominationThe light amongst the shadows
21Old GrumpyThe light amongst the shadows
22elaThe light amongst the shadows
23ICUFoolThe light amongst the shadows
24KvarekThe light amongst the shadows
25DanyaelThe light amongst the shadows
26BaspallThe light amongst the shadows
27Shadow GemA beacon of hope
28Clamchops3000A beacon of hope
29FiammaA beacon of hope
30Jo WickermanA beacon of hope
31Nie TingaleA beacon of hope
32dragosaniA beacon of hope
33Teddy BearA beacon of hope
34Liu BeiA beacon of hope
35ThornA beacon of hope
36Xarg OccalA beacon of hope
37SherlockiamaA beacon of hope
38SparklingWineA beacon of hope
39KomanA beacon of hope
40cauvongcvcA beacon of hope
41GersteA beacon of hope
42SmeagolA holy messenger
43MuukalainenA holy messenger
44GerulaDA holy messenger
45VixyA holy messenger
46aquadarkA holy messenger
47WackosA holy messenger
48BexA holy messenger
49BhairavaA holy messenger
50DominatrA holy messenger
51FingersA holy messenger
52steel1A holy messenger
53agaA holy messenger
54eqshamuA holy messenger
55MullyA holy messenger
56barun511A holy messenger
57ACEieA holy messenger
58PupOtterA holy messenger
59DumbCowA holy messenger
60SlyElySkyA holy messenger
61GodneysA holy messenger
62ade334A holy messenger
63KorrinA holy messenger
64K03NA holy messenger
65bahamanutA holy messenger
66DamnationA holy messenger
67BombersA holy messenger
68CricketA holy messenger
69Lady TravellerA holy messenger
70ShadowgateA holy messenger
71DemonA saint
72BigaxeA saint
73ElisaWarmth on a cold day
74GoldenStarWarmth on a cold day
75jeandkWarmth on a cold day
76KaleaWarmth on a cold day
77MooreaWarmth on a cold day
78DodsferdWarmth on a cold day
79airemanaWarmth on a cold day
80TorreyWarmth on a cold day
81KohrbanWarmth on a cold day
82dev1noodleWarmth on a cold day
83manicmanWarmth on a cold day
84NightStalkerWarmth on a cold day
85KizzeyWarmth on a cold day
86rumeWarmth on a cold day
87NeilA hero
88GrootA hero
89WhiteSnowWolfA hero
90GottaA hero
91LadyLynnA hero
92only deadA hero
93RhaktorynA hero
94DirkA hero
95PhantomA hero
96SurimA hero
97WhoTookSkitzA hero
98StoutRavenA hero
99SeaRoseA hero
100SpinFXA hero